Thursday, December 30, 2010

Polaroid Spectra Cameras

Polaroid introduced the Spectra system of cameras in the early 1980s. It was an all-new line of cameras, and had a corresponding new film. Spectra film (called 'Image' outside of North America) is different from PX600  in that it has a different image format: a rectangular 9.2 x 7.3cm rather than 600 film's square format. Spectra film(PZ600) is otherwise identical to PX600 film - ISO speed, development method and operation remain identical. The Spectra range of cameras also sport better lenses on average than the 600-film range, with most of the models utilising an arc-shaped range of focusing lenses inside the body that swing across the exterior lens element to provide correct focusing, rather than adjusting the distance between internal lens elements. Spectra cameras are thought to take higher-quality pictures than a conventional 600 Polaroid camera, due to the camera's higher build quality and a proportionally larger print area.

 Polaroid Onyx Spectra Camera

Another Polaroid that is made in the same year (1987) as i'm born. Very sleek and nice. Comes with top transparent housing where you can see the electronic components of the camera. How can i not own this camera! Mine comes with the wireless remote and transmitter, various filters and lenses. Ha don't expect special lenses and wireless remote and transmitter exist in this era right! haha. 

Sideways folding mechanism, with folding viewfinder mechanism. 90mm lens - shorter than any other Spectra model made - giving a wider field of view roughly equivalent to 33mm in 35mm film format. Time/date stamp capability, autofocus, lighten/darken control and was sold with a close-up lens attachment.
 Another cool camera that i like. It has a sideways folding mechanism! unlike other models that close straight down, cool and sleek!

Spectra 1200FF

Different folding mechanism to other Spectra models, featuring folding plastic bellows. The camera front is hinged at the bottom and opens vertically; similar in principle to a single-hinged SX-70 model though this is not an SLR camera. A black model known as the Spectra Blitz was marketed by the Lomography Society, but that model does not fold down.
  • Wider lens (100mm f/11.5, 2-element aspherical plastic).
  • Fixed-focus, but has built-in close-up lens for shots down to 60cm. A warning/reminder light appears near the viewfinder when the close-up lens has been selected.
  • Auto-flash with no ability to force on or off.
  • Built-in metal lens cover automatically slides over the lens when the camera is folded.
  • No tripod socket.
  • No Lighten/Darken control or other means of exposure compensation.
  • Shoots up to 12 exposures using the final generation of Spectra/Image 1200 film.

Quite interesting model that i would like to have too! But won't use it to shoot though, perhaps a good collector's item? =]  But no lighten/darken control? Maybe other Spectra models are better then after looking at the features. But Spectra Blitz looks sleek too! But can't fold down, quite difficult to bring around? 

Other Models

 Lol, and while searching for pictures of Spectra cameras to post in this post, i found this!!! so cool!

A Giant Polaroid Spectra! I guess it was for an exhibition! How cool if there is such thing here!

Sample Picture 

Someone uses a Polaroid Spectra Camera to capture wedding photos for the newly weds, very nice. she managed to capture the sweet, beautiful moment! How can someone not love Polaroid Cameras like me. You can't edit the pictures with Photoshop or anything, thus it is able to capture the truest, most memorable moment with such vintage feel added to the pictures!  Let me share the happy moment of this newly weds with you. :)

More blissful pictures can be found here. 

The photographer is another Polaroid Lover too. :) Love your pictures! 

You can do multiple exposures on Spectra Cameras with self timer function. 

Haha didn't know Polaroid Cameras can do mulitple exposures too like Holga cameras?

Here's a tutorial on how:

Sample pictures:

A Yotube video of the Polaroid Spectra Commercial 


  1. Hello ! I'va the polaroid 100 mm 11.5 1200 FF, I wanted to use it but I think that the batteries are down and I don't know where they are and how to change them ...
    Could you help me ? (:

  2. I just bought a Polaroid Spectra for litterally like $3 and is my fist instant film Camera. It seams to work but it didn't come with a charger and no film. When I opened it the red light was on and all plus there are no loose parts.I never really used one before, I'm about to get to know it this summer though If I can ;)