Sunday, December 12, 2010

Polaroid 95

Actually i do not know what has sparked my interest in Polaroid Cameras, perhaps it is due to the rich history behind it and also there are several interesting models of Polaroid Cameras that i do not see as much variety in other products. If you are someone who is funky and prefer more vibrant colours, there are certain models that suits you, or if you are someone that prefers simpler models, there is something that suits you as well. In short, no matter what kind of a person you are, there is definitely a model of Polaroid Camera that suits you.

A little about its history, Dr Edwin Land is the founder and creator of Polaroid Cameras. He was inspired by his daughter, who asked him why can’t i see the pictures instantly? And that set him in the creation of Polaroid Camera. I respect him as i sees him as the “father” of instant cameras, instant photography. He is a physicist that i believed helped in his creation. =]

The first Polaroid model that surfaced was Polaroid 95. It came out in 1948. So it is 62 years old now. haha. and believe it or not, the one i have is still in immaculate condition. wow! haha. and there is several modifications done to it and later models were Polaroid 95A and Polaroid 95B and they were also called the “Speedliner”

Looks bulky ya? haha. i was given the honour to hold it because i own one myself. Haha. However, sadly these films are not available anymore. But it is quite inconvenient to carry it around, isn’t it? It is really quite heavy as it is made of steel.

Video of the first Polaroid camera

Timeline of Polaroid

Manual for this camera

Shall share more about other Polaroid models soon. =]

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  1. Can't find manual for just a 95, only found 95A manuals