Sunday, January 9, 2011

Polaroid Sx-70 Cameras

Polaroid Sx-70 Cameras are one of the most popular models of Polaroid Cameras. This camera was very popular in the mid/late 1970s, especially in the USA. It is also considered by many to be the best camera that Polaroid ever produced. I personally love it too. It is compact, can be folded when not in use and able to fit into my bag. cool..! It is a SLR too!

Alike other Polaroid models, there are several variations:

Most rare and valuable would be the Polaroid Sx-70 Gold Alpha One edition

I love this but this is way way too costly!!!! Sigh.. this is so gorgeous!

This is rare too. Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha One Revue

This is a rare one too! Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha One Sears Special

This is a rare one too!

 This is a rather rare edition too. Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha One SE

Other models:

Anyway the normal version and Alpha versions(cameras with Alpha One in the model name) are pretty similar except that Alpha versions comes with strap lugs(able to attach straps to it) and tripod mount for us to mount it on a tripod. I personally prefer the Alpha versions. Hope my post helps those who want to purchase a Sx-70 to make a choice to which type they want.

Sample images:
 Some of the photographers are able to do manipulation and also emulsion transfer on the photos:

Extracted from:

Please take a look, there is a lot of good and nice manipulated photos there. Cool. Thumbs up!!!

Video of SX70 Manipulation:

Video of Polaroid Sx-70 advertisement:

Shall post on Sx-70 Sonar models in my next post. Stay tuned! :)


  1. On August the camera Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera.