Sunday, December 19, 2010

Polaroid One 600 Camera

Haha. the reason i chose to blog about this model is since my 1st post is about the 1st Polaroid Camera, 2nd post on 50th Anniversary Polaroid Camera and so i jokingly mentioned to my business partner(aka Mich) that i should post on the last Polaroid Camera in my next post. And so i did.

Polaroid One 600 Camera is the last Polaroid Camera to be produced and sold in 2004.

There are several variations too.

Last but not least, the very rare and nice Polaroid One600 Rossa,Nero, Panna and Poison Frog! they are such a beauty! But way way too expensive for me to be an owner of them! =(

Haiz, i must work hard to earn money to at least get one of this beauty!!!! 

Shall post on other models soon! =)


  1. hello! do u hv any idea i can buy the polaroid panna? i like it so much! thanks!

  2. ha sorry i do not. i love it too! :(

  3. I have the Polaroid Rossa, found it in a Garage Sale :^)