Sunday, December 12, 2010

Polaroid Sun 600 and Sun 660

Well, i choose to talk about this 2 cameras because they were “born” in the same year as me. They were made to commemorate Polaroid 50th’s anniversary in 1987.

They looked almost the same with their gold body and sharp edges. Ha at first i didn’t know there were 2 models for their 50th’s anniversary.

Anyway did i mention my favourite colour is gold? So hard to say no to this 2 models right? Can't wait to lay my hands on them. Hope any of my friend will get to see this and buy me as X'mas present? haha. And thanks to Impossible Project buying over the factory of film-making for Polaroid, did many still manage to snap with these Darlings .

sun600 sun 660
Long Live Polaroids! Haha to make this post less boring. i’m going to share Polaroid Muppets Ad.

A link to the manual if you need help on how to operate this camera.

Shall post on other models soon. =]

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