Friday, January 21, 2011

Polaroid SX-70 Cameras with Sonar Autofocus System

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 The later Sonar OneStep and SLR 680/690 models were equipped with a sonar autofocus system, which permitted returning to the plain focusing screen. The Sonar Onestep models were the first autofocus SLRs available to consumers.
The later SLR 680/690 models updated the basic design of the Sonar Onestep to more modern standards by incorporating support for newer 600 cartridges instead of SX-70 cartridges, and a built-in flash instead of the disposable Flashbar. Today they are the most evolved forms of the SX-70, and are highly sought after by Polaroid enthusiasts.
Though expensive, the SX-70 was popular in the 1970s and retains a cult following today.
There are several models in this category too:
Actually these are better models than the normal SX70 because of the Sonar system but most people prefer the SX70(without the Sonar) maybe because of aesthetic reasons? Personally, i too think that the normal SX70 looks better and more sleek. haha!

SLR680/690 models uses PX600 films and they are the best 600 cameras! If i were to choose one among this category, definitely SLR690 (the last camera shown in this post) .oh nearly forgotten about this. defintiely i would want this! I'm a die hard fan of gold! Haha. but of course they cost quite a bomb too!!

Found this picture. Quite funny. the words in chinese means " EH, which handsome guys ah?"

This is nice too!
 Ever wonder what are the components in a Polaroid camera? i do. haha. i wanted to dismantle it and marvel what are the things that brought all these Polaroid camera to life and able to be workable after so many years for some!
Take a look at this pic:
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  1. the picture you took is terrificly good. i just wondering why is my picture i took from polaroid sx-70 turn to pinkish and sometime greenish?. most of my picture well all of the picture i took will turn into that kind of color. is it because of the film is already expired or there are any specific films that will make the picture perfect ?do feedback me.. thanks man..

  2. Hi there ... Very nice and informative site for those of us who love polaroid. I have a question im hopeing you can help me with: im about to buy a sonar autofocus sx 70 but i read some places that people have trouble with the autofocus not working. Do you know of any issues with the new px 70 film pack from the impossible project not provideing enough power to also run autofocus? Could that be the case or...? Kind regards jesper