Friday, March 25, 2011

Polaroid Land Cameras (No Autofocus)

Have been rather busy with commitments etc, therefore has less time to update this blog.

Well, i'm posting about Polaroid Land Cameras this time.

As always, there are several variations.

They are SX70 cameras too, just non-foldable. Thus, they uses PX70 films too.! =]

Below is the famous and common white one step with the signature rainbow stripe. 

Less common ones:

The above Polaroid 1000 look just like the common one step, of  course their functions are the same. I read that the variation is due to them being sold at different market initally (UK and US).Below is Polaroid 1000 too, just that it comes with green shutter button. more cool i think!

Then there is this Supercolour 1000 with square lens. I like!!

They looks good with the flash with rainbow stripe too!

I sell the Polaroid One Step skins for Iphone 4 on my webby

And other camera skins too! Take a look..! =]


  1. Hi.. Wanna get hands on those :).. I have not used a Polaroid camera before, but now I really wanna get one. So I will appreciate if you can please tell me which one would be most ideal for me and where can I buy one. I am based in middle east. Thanks. Faisal